March 2014 - Horseback riding Safety 

Tips for Safe Horseback Riding Here


February 2014 - Workshop Safety 

Work safely in your shop and on your equipment. Remember these points! Here 


January 2014 - Backcountry Safety 

Be safe in the backcountry this winter and remember these tips! Here 


December 2013 - Cooking & Food Safety 

Prepare your meals and snacks in a safe and fun way using these safety tips! 

Cooking & Food Safety

Cooking & Food Safety Crossword

Crossword solution 

November 2013 - Driving Safety 

This winter, plan ahead for a safe trip using these tips here


Information on Human Swine Flu

The Swine Flu has caused wide-spread illness in Mexico. The Ministry of Health for British Columbia has confirmed cases of this influenza virus in our Province.

Canada is working closely with the United States and Mexico, where human swine flu cases were first confirmed and with the World Health Organization to respond to the situation quickly.

Human infection with flu viruses from pigs can occur when people are in close proximity to infected pigs, however, as recently demonstrated, once transferred to humans, human to human transmission is also possible. Coughs and sneezing release germs into the air where they can be breathed in by others. Germs can also rest on hard surfaces where they can be picked up on hands and transmitted to the respiratory system when the mouth, eyes or nose are touched.
Swine flu is not a food safety concern. Swine showing symptoms of influenza would not pass rigorous testing to enter the food market in Canada.

For more information regarding risks and symptoms or to download the full article, click here.

Farm and Home Safety Calendar

A new year of 4-H means another year to learn some interesting and fun safety tips for on the farm and at home. Remember to check back regularly for new safety tips and fun activities to do with your 4-H club, family, and friends.

For the 2009 Safety Tips, see here

Emergency Planning Guides

We have two new emergency planning guides, one being the 4-H Farm and Family Emergency Planning Guide available here, and the 4-H Club Emergency Planning Guide available here.

Food Safe

All clubs should be aware of the Food Safe program and its requirements. In fact, Food safe certification is required to serve any food to the public.

Check out the BC 4-H brochure

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