Plant and Soil Projects


Agro-Forestry is the process of combining agriculture and tree growing, to produce both agricultural products and tree products on a commercial basis. This project allows members to take on responsibility for designing their unit. Units include Introducing Agroforestry, Developing an Agroforestry Skills Toolkit, Managing Agroforestry Opportunities, and Senior Managment. 






Field Crops

Members have the opportunity to practice good farming techniques by growing and harvesting a grain or field crop. Members will grow one acre of grain or seed as an introduction to the project.






Gardening “Big & Small”

A member will learn basic principles of gardening from seeds, soil, fertilizer, sun/shade for plants, as well as chemicals and weeds. Members have a variety of gardening choices from a vegetable garden, community garden, container gardening, worm composting or a butterfly garden. These projects are suitable for most urban as well as rural homes.




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