Personal Development


This project helps members take on a community project, helping them learn about their community through their adopted-grandparent project. There are 5 units to this project; each unit has slightly different activities they can choose to do with their adopted grandparent in order to achieve.





Agriculture Awareness

This project is to allow members, leaders, and the general public to become more aware about the importance of agriculture in BC. This project helps members learn about the diverse agriculture industry in BC. The members are able to choose from 3 main units:

  1. Thought for Food:
    • Enables the member to learn where certain foods come from, and the people involved in the production.
  2. Media Watch:
    • Allows the member to work with the media to raise awareness about agriculture.
  3. Adopt-a-class:
    • Allows the member to teach in a class room setting to raise awareness about agriculture, and how food is produced.



This project gives the members the opportunity to learn about raising fish. Feeding, water quality, growth measurement and other factors that effect growth and health will be covered. As the project develops more topics will be added.




Using the Kids for Saving Earth Guidebook and other resources, the members and leaders take a close look at environmental concerns in their community. The project is self-directed; that is, the club chooses the topics they are most interested in and plan community projects and field trips based on the interests of the members. Members also make an article from recycled materials.



Junior Leader

This project helps older members develop leadership abilities. Junior leaders share responsibilities with an adult leader in leading a group of younger members or organizing programs. Members enrolling in the Junior Leadership project must be at least thirteen years of age and have a 4-H Junior Proficiency Certificate. The member is to choose, plan, carry out and evaluate a project that will utilize their skills for the benefit of the club.




In the Marketing project, members learn how to promote 4-H using different media-newspaper, radio, television, displays, interviews and posters. Marketing principles and techniques are also examined.




An individual or a group of 4-H members may select a project of special interest to them. Such projects could be astronomy, song writing, computers, canoeing, pigeons, or any other interest or hobby. The purpose of this project is to give members the opportunity to pursue their special interest and still remain a member in the club. Resource materials and record books are researched by the members. However, some publications from past projects are available (e.g., bicycle, power toboggan).



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